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Birthdate:Dec 25
Commander Kaidan Alenko was exposed to dust-form element zero in utero as a result of the infamous ship drive explosion over Singapore Spaceport in 2161. He was fortunate enough to avoid the fatal brain tumors that were the most common effect of such exposure. Instead, he became one of the first human biotics - individuals capable of generating and controlling small mass effect fields.

Such power came with a price, however. Human biotics are often subjected to suspicion and prejudice. The first biotics - Kaidan among them - were also drafted for a disastrous classified Systems Alliance training program and forcibly implanted with power-boosting devices that can cause horrific side effects. (Kaidan's lucky. He just gets migraines from time to time.)

Like many biotics, Kaidan enlisted in the Systems Alliance Navy. Over the course of his career he's garnered over a dozen special commendations, been assigned to the prototype frigate Normandy, and become one of the first humans to earn the Citadel Council Legion of Merit.

He's also gotten involved in a relationship with his commanding officer, Major Colene Shepard, but fortunately that's not public knowledge.

Kaidan is one of the more powerful human biotics, with abilities comparable to those of the naturally biotic asari. Most of his powers are telekinetic in nature: he can push or throw objects (or people) with great force. His other short-duration powers include creating a protective kinetic barrier, "freezing" enemies, and creating pockets of low gravity. He has not yet demonstrated the most powerful biotic technique - creating a pinpoint singularity.

Biotics are more prone to static electricity buildup than most people and must "discharge" frequently by touching metal surfaces or using their powers. Those who use their abilities frequently have a greatly increased metabolism and have about half again the daily calorie requirements of an average human. They have ports for biotic amps, usually located at the base of the skull. Although these are covered by plugs meant to blend into the individual's hair when they aren't using amps, they are still visible if you're close enough and know what you're looking at.

Kaidan Alenko is from the video game Mass Effect, and is the property of Bioware. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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